Judging Criteria



“The creation of superior and unique solutions that meet requirements for new and existing market needs”

  • Is the design new and original and does it have any world first features?
  • Does the design address a real need and does it solve this problem in a clever way?
  • Will the design have a positive impact on society, the environment and the economy?



“The design of products, services and systems that meet the principles of social, environmental and ecological sustainability”

  • Has the design considered factors such as disassembly and recyclability?
  • Will the design be water, material and/or energy efficient in its day-to-day use?
  • Will the design be manufactured using materials and processes that have the least possible impact on the environment?


“The use of new techniques, processes and systems to achieve a goal or perform a specific function”

  • Is the proposed technology technically feasible to produce?
  • Does the design use new materials and technology in a clever way?
  • Is the technology easy to use and understand?




“Achieving a level of excellence recognised as the best design outcome for quality of life and commerciality”

  • Does the design represent best in class design?
  • Will the design showcase the best of Australian design and ingenuity?
  • Has the design taken Universal Design considerations into account?