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UNSW Art & Design


‘e-motion’ investigates the use of wearable technology to create a new form of non-verbal communication for males by measuring physiological data from the body and expressing it as dynamic light displays. It is a range of e-textile menswear garments designed in a contemporary style that combines ‘street-wear’ and ‘active-wear’.

Key Design Features


In response to sensors measuring pulse, muscle tension and proximity, each garment displays coloured light animations that emulate the physical manifestations of different emotions in ways like a pounding heart, rush of adrenaline and the feeling of ‘butterflies’.

All electronic modules are connected to an Arduino micro-controller using plugs to enable efficient attachment and detachment for re-use, re-pair and re-furbishment in order to prolong the garments lifetime.

By enabling an opportunity for men to be more openly expressive, the stereotypical expectations of masculinity can change; instead of hiding them away, feelings can be displayed as interactive gestures.